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13 Weeks Pregnant

13 weeks pregnant: I’m showing a bit, but only enough for someone to think, “She should really suck in that pooch!” For me, it’s enough to have had to buy new pants, or use a rubber band to fasten my old ones. I imagine that in another month, not only will I be able to feel the little thing bouncing around inside me, but folks will recognize the pooch as a baby growing inside.

We’re planning a home birth, and have hired two midwives for prenatal care and to attend the birth. We’re planning to deliver at Dan’s parent’s house which is about a four-minute-drive to the hospital where our back-up doctor is on-call, AND they have an enormous bathtub—I hear these are “nature’s epidurals”. I’ll need all nature has to offer since painkillers are not an option for us—unless, of course, something goes wrong… but it won’t.

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