15 Weeks Pregnant

We got to hear the heartbeat last week at our appointment with Margo–one of our midwives. She said it was nice and strong and beating at just the right speed (160 beats/minute).

I am anxious to feel the baby moving. Every morning after going to the bathroom, I lay on my back and feel the top of my uterus (only about two inches below my belly button!) to see how it’s grown, and to see if a little pressure on Jr. will allow me to feel its movements. So far – nothing. It’s super active, though. At our last ultrasound (at 11 weeks) the baby was wiggling all around.

My belly is growing and my hips are widening. Pants are starting to enter the “No Way” category. Up to now, I’ve been able to get away with fastening them with a rubber band around the button and through the hole. But now it’s getting tough just to pull them up! I’ve only gained 7 lbs. so far, but I guess that’s enough to warrant a run to the store. I thought I’d be able to wait until January to buy some new clothes, but it’s looking like it’d be best for me to pick up a few things now.


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