17 Weeks Pregnant

Today marks a full 17 weeks of pregnancy. I can finally feel the baby wiggling around inside. We seemed to have skipped the butterflies stage and went straight to real kicking and rolling over. Maybe what I attributed to gas really was the baby moving around. Or more likely, it was happening simultaneously so I was unable to distinguish the sensations.

I feel it best when I have a full bladder and I’m being very still. If my mind is elsewhere, I usually don’t feel much. This morning before I got up I felt the baby completely roll over. It felt so strange and I ended up with a large firm bulge on my abdomen which looked like I swallowed a large rock. I was able to coax it back down with some gentle nudges. This, I’m sure, is just a preview of what’s to come. At least right now, I am thoroughly enjoying every little movement, or hint of one. I’ve been told I’ll eat my words when its little foot gets wedged up under my ribs–that I should enjoy my relative peace while I can.


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