19 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is really kicking now. I feel it more and more frequently. Dan felt it kick for the first (and only) time on Christmas night. The baby is the most active when I first wake up–which is usually when he’s in the shower–and right before I fall asleep. It’s still easiest to feel when I’m lying flat. I guess everything spreads out and the baby has less vertical space in which to maneuver.

When I saw Nkem (one of our midwives) the other day, she asked if I’d felt any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet (these are painless and most women get them starting at about 6 weeks–though most women don’t feel them until around the half-way point). When she described what it might feel like, I realized that I had not felt the baby rolling over, like I thought, but had felt my first contraction! Since then, I’ve felt about 5 of them over a 2-week period. Nkem told me it’s only a problem if I have four in one hour. So far, they’ve limited themselves to one per day about every other day.

Nkem also told me I had very low blood pressure. She said it’s nothing to worry about (she said she’d be worried if it didn’t dip), but that I need to take it easy. I get dizzy every once in a while which reminds me to sit down and relax. I find myself having much less energy than usual right now–preferring to sit around. Even with 8 or 9 hours of sleep, I still feel tired. My blood volume is about to surge, I guess, which will bring my blood pressure back up. I hope it brings my energy with it!

Getting dressed in the morning is often an ordeal. I only have about a week’s worth of (warm) maternity clothes, and I’m not very good at doing laundry so I have to get creative with my old clothes. It is surprising how few of my things still fit. I assumed that since most of my shirts were stretchy, they’d fit during pregnancy–but I didn’t take into account the stretchy band around the top of maternity pants that makes them comfortable. So my shirts are too short and my pants are way too small.

We have our last optional ultrasound on Monday (we’re hoping to determine the gender). If the pregnancy continues to go as smoothly as it has been, the next time we’ll see the baby is in person!


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