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25 Weeks Pregnant

Over the last month, my belly has really popped out. I’ve already had to retire two pairs of maternity pants! My belly is now getting in the way when I move in certain ways. Even sitting up from a reclining position is getting harder.

The baby now responds to loud noises. We went on a cruise last weekend and during shows or when someone was talking over a microphone, the baby was super active. It was fun feeling it kick and move around so much. I miss it now that he’s back to his routine–lots of movement right before I fall asleep, all through the night, and in the morning. He’ll move a bit during the day, but not much.

Today he wedged his foot or hand or head or something up under my ribs. I noticed it when I started slouching, and was unable to without a jolt of pressure. It wasn’t there long, only a few minutes, but as things get more and more cramped inside his little house, I imagine there will be many more episodes such as this. My mom tells me I used to wedge my little foot under her ribs toward the end of her pregnancy.

I sort of feel like we’re in the home stretch… though there are still several weeks left before that’s really true. The baby has a decent chance of survival should he be born right now–of course, not without complications, but I feel so much comfort knowing that he would likely make it should something happen and he needed to be born early. In all likelyhood, he’ll come late–as did I and both my siblings.

Still no stretch marks on my belly.


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23 Weeks Pregnant

For the past few weeks I’ve been so tired. I’ve always needed a lot of sleep to feel rested, but now I need even more. It seems that unless I get at least 9 hours of good sleep, I wake up feeling like I’ve gotten hardly any. I’m sure it’s partly due to the fact that I wake up nearly every night having to pee. Interrupted sleep is never as restful. It’s good practice, though, for when the baby’s born and I get woken up several times each night.

I started registering for baby stuff a few weeks ago and realized how annoyed I am by the task. While there are a handful of things that really matter to me (the type of cloth diapers, the booster chair, the sling–the things I’ll actually use daily), the rest isn’t worth making decisions about. Mostly, my frustration comes from not wanting a bunch of extraneous stuff, but knowing that people will want to give it to us anyway–there are already 3 showers lined up for us! Because of this, I feel obligated to register for more “stuff”. My mother complains when the gifts people want are “boring”. To her, it’s more satisfying to shop for fun things, and I imagine the sentiment is true for others as well. I have to admit, I usually buy one necessity item and one “fun” item when I go to a baby shower. And while I want people to enjoy the act of giving (or why do it?), I’d still rather folks buy us a few cloth diapers (3 dozen of the things costs a ton!) than wasting their money on stuffed crinkly things or annoying kiddie song videos. On the other hand, I might decide it’s better to register for more “stuff” because at least then, there’ll be more of a chance we’ll get stuff we actually like, even if it’s not what we need. I’m probably making a bigger deal about all this than is really necessary.

The Braxton-Hicks contractions are more frequent now–especially if I’ve had caffine. Sometimes they require that I stop what I’m doing and consciously relax. While they are completely painless, they are impossible to ignore. The first sign that one is coming on is a few strong beats of my heart, and a bizarre feeling that pulses through my body (blood whooshing through my veins? hormones? both?). My brain automatically triggers my breath to slow down and deepen. Only then to I feel the tightening in my abdomen. Sometimes, I can’t even feel the tightening unless I touch it with my hands. They usually last between 25 and 45 seconds. After my uterus relaxes, the baby often flops around a bit. I guess he doesn’t like being squeezed.

Still no stretch marks… on my abdomen. A few have shown up in other places that have experienced significant growth. Thankfully, they’re not the big bright red/purple kind–just a few little silvery slivers that are hardly noticeable at all.

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