29 Weeks Pregnant

There’s not a whole lot that’s new or exciting going on this week.

We met our back-up doctor on Monday and really liked him. He’s an Irishman with bushy, pointy eyebrows. He wanted to do an ultrasound to see for himself how the baby is doing. The baby is still in the head-down position and is facing my right side. The doctor estimated from his measurements that the baby is about 2.5 pounds now. He really likes to stretch his legs out straight so I get a mighty jab. Strong legs, I’m told by my dear husband, are necessary for good pitching. So the mighty jabs should be appreciated if we hope to see little Daniel on the mound.

I’ve stopped the rapid weight gain since I’ve been on this diabetic diet. I’ve gained and lost one to two pounds over the last two weeks, maintaining my weight.

While I’m still impatient waiting for the baby to be born, the edge has worn off a bit. I’ve been quite busy with work these days so my focus has shifted. I’ve been working two days per week from home this month, which is great. Next month, I’ll be doing three days from home, and for the first two weeks in May, I’ll be working four days from home… then NOTHING for three months. I’m a little nervous about how it will work out financially since we just bought a very expensive condo. Finances will be tight for the first time in our marriage–Dan’s not looking forward to it. Hopefully the work-from-home option will be satisfying for both me and my company so that we’re not relying on credit cards and generous family members in order to cover our expenses. Dan’s monthly income only covers our mortgage and our groceries… mine covers everything else. We’re expecting a nice tax refund, as well as an insurance reimbursement once the baby’s born to help cover my three-month absence. I’m still holding out for that miracle that will allow me to be a full-time stay at home mom and wife. Anything is possible.

Still holding my breath for a strech-mark-free belly.


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