35 Weeks Pregnant

Okay, so I’m a couple days short of 35 weeks–but I had the time to write.

Last week I came down with the flu. It was awful. Fever, chills, aches, congestion–my cough was so bad, it felt like my stomach muscles were being torn apart. I’m still dealing with a bit of a cough, but nothing like it was. Hopefully this means I’ll be flu-free for at least a year. Being sick made me wonder what it will be like to be sick AND have to care for a child. The best answer I can think of is send him to grandma’s house.

The worst part of being sick while pregnant is not being able to take any medication for relief. I did take a little children’s Tylenol which helped bring down my fever a bit, but I really just wanted to take something that could help me sleep so my body could get the rest it needed.

We got back from San Antonio on Sunday. It turned out, no one asked to see my medical records proving my due date (American Airlines’ policy says that pregnant women cannot fly within 4 weeks of their due dates). I was even given an exit-row seat on the return flight. I asked the flight attendants if I needed to be moved, and they looked at me like I was crazy. Why give up all the extra space–especially while pregnant!? They obviously didn’t expect the plane to crash. I worried that it would… I’ve become more scared of flying recently. As soon as there’s the slightest bit of turbulence, I imagine the wings snapping off and the plane plummeting to the ground. I did a lot of praying while in the air.

I bought a nice two piece bathing suit to wear during labor–especially while in the tub. I’m hoping it will serve me well as a real suit to wear after the baby is born as well. The top is long-ish, and should cover me nearly to my waist once my belly is out of the way. For the labor, the top will end up all scrunched between my breasts and my belly, for sure.

Our rescheduled birth class finally starts tomorrow night. It’s being held in Toluca Lake–a bit of a drive, especially with traffic. I’m really looking forward to it. Dan’s not. Because it’s starting so late in our pregnancy, though, we’ll likely miss the last couple of classes–the ones on baby care, breast feeding, etc.–the things I already know a bit about. I’ve got plenty of friends and family just waiting to help out anyway, so I’m not worried about missing those classes.

I’ve finally gotten a few stretch marks… boo! They’re just small little ones that are growing outward from the mark that showed up around my ex-belly-ring hole, but the fact that they’re showing up at all has me worried for the next month. I’ve made it this far… I was so hopeful that the marks would stay away.


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