36 Weeks Pregnant

I’ve officially broken my pattern. It’s only been one week since my last post, but I just couldn’t wait to write again.

Next week, I’ll be considered full term. Should I go into labor after Thursday, May 11, the baby won’t be considered premature. Tuesday and Wednesday, I had fairly regular contractions (3 or 4 every hour) all day and night and thought I might really be getting ready for labor. False alarm, of course. Yesterday and today, I’ve gone back to my normal 5-10 per day.

Our childbirth education class started last week… it has turned out to be a bit of a bummer. The class moves very slow and is geared toward those who don’t know much about having babies. I’m so surprised at how new some of the information is to one of the other couples. I was so excited about being pregnant that all I wanted to do was learn more about it. Dan even knows most of the stuff they’ve “taught” us. Just this last Wednesday, the first 50 minutes of the class was spent listening to a Hypnotherapist talk about the benefits of Hypnobirthing. She “hypnotized” us to give us an idea of what she does during labor. If I ended up in a hypnotic state, I didn’t know it.

As it turns out, Dan and I will be hosting an intern–Janie–for our church at our house for a couple of months. She’ll likely show up just before the baby is born (mid-May) and leave in early August. Jennifer, our current pastor, is overseeing Janie’s internship and was thrilled to have our house as an option for placing Janie. A small, but helpful sum will be coming our way for room and board–not to mention, the help with regular household duties (like dishes!). We’re both a little nervous about how the whole situation will work out, but are looking forward to it (me, more than Dan, of course).

The stretch marks around my belly button have stayed the same since the last time I wrote–thankfully–but my belly button itself is now popping out so its insides are all visible. Belly-button insides aren’t the most attractive things. I’m curious about what it will end up looking like when my belly starts to shrink back down after the baby is born. I’ve always had a very small, very deep belly button, but I can’t imagine it will go back to it’s tiny little puckered self after having been so stretched. But we’ll see.


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