37 Weeks Pregnant

Full term! Any time between now and June 15, I can–according to the people who make the rules–safely have the baby. I’m hoping to have him close to the due date. Right now would be tricky (I have one more week of work left) and late would just be down-right frustrating. I don’t wan’t to wait that long and I don’t want to be pregnant anymore (getting very uncomfortable). And the baby is continually growing. Bigger is not better at this point. He’s a good, healthy size–still has a little bit of room to move around, but fully developed.

I went on a tour of the hospital (Arcadia Methodist)–in case we need to end up going there. After the tour, I was pretty scared of possibly ending up there. Everything is done by procedure and there are so many rules. I understand why they have to do things that way, but I don’t want our birth to be a set of procedures and rules. But after seeing our midwife on Thursday, I was assured that Arcadia Methodist is one of the best hospitals in which to give birth in Southern California (for someone wanting a natural, intervention-free, personal birth). Huntington may be the best, or one of the best, in terms of medical advances and the like–and they’re both available to us should we need them. I don’t expect to end up at the hospital, and I’m trying not to think about it too much.

My contractions have been getting stronger. Every now and then I’ll get one that actually hurts a little. It’s exciting. The stronger they are now, the more progress I’ll have made before labor actually begins, so I welcome the discomfort.

Though I don’t have the feeling that the baby is “right between my legs” as some describe it, I think he’s dropped. I can breathe easier and my pants feel as though they’re about to fall off because I have to wear them so low. The midwife said she couldn’t feel the top of the baby’s head when she felt my abdomen this time. They may do an internal exam next week just to see if anything’s happening.

We found out that we’re the last new patient our midwives are taking for awhile. They’ll still attend the births of repeat patients, but will be refocusing their practice on well-woman care (gynecology) instead. The younger of the two has young children of her own that she wants to spend more time with and the middle-of-the-night pages from patients is waring on her. I feel so lucky to have just made the cut.

No new stretch marks–and not much longer to go.


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