39 Weeks Pregnant

Looks like I made it. The baby is content to stay where he is for now, I guess. My contractions are getting stronger as the days go on, but not more frequent. Over the next few days, I intend on doing a lot of walking to try to get things moving–that’s what got the contractions going last weekend.

The stretch marks around my belly ring scar continue to grow… it’s vain, I know, but it’s another reason I want to move things along more quickly.

Being off from work has been wonderful. I’ve had time to relax, time to get things done, time to snack all day… I have more energy in the evenings. Today was especially great. It really felt like I was on vacation. I had the window open, the light summer breeze wafting through the shutters. I even wore shorts for the first time since I got pregnant.

We received our first diaper delivery this morning from Dy-Dee Diaper Service. It was fun to practice the different kinds of diaper folds with the tiny little cloth diapers. I’m so excited to see them on our little baby–soon, I hope!


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