40 Weeks Pregnant

I’m STILL pregnant! It wouldn’t be such a bummer if I wasn’t having so much pre-labor (what they used to call “false” labor–but it’s anything but false).

Today, at our appointment with the midwives, we found that I am now dialated to 3cm, but still only 50% effaced. Nkem stripped my membranes which just means that she massaged my cervix a little and pulled it away from my bag of water ever so slightly. The result so far has been very uncomfortable contractions. They’ve not reached pain status yet, for which I am grateful, but I can tell they’re doing more now than they were. I think the baby may really be here within the next few days!

I intended on doing a lot of walking and housework and the like, but the midwives told me to rest and take it easy for now so I don’t expend too much energy. If I’ve just gone for a 3 mile walk and come back in labor, I won’t have that energy for the labor. Instead, I’m to take a couple of shorter walks, and just do light work for now in between periods of rest. Rest is easy. I can do rest.

My stretch marks are certainly a reality now–though they’re only around my belly button. It looks like I’ve got the imprint of a tree coming out of it–which is kind of fun. I can tell that once my belly regains its normal shape, the marks will be difficult to notice–if only they don’t continue spreading!

Bring on the labor!


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