5 Weeks Old

He smiled! On his 5-week birthday, Daniel gave us his first genuine smile. Before that all we had were the adorable, but involuntary sleep grins. Every day so far, Daniel has given us at least one round of real smiles. The next step will be giggles. We’ve already gotten a little taste of those, too–in his sleep, Daniel often chuckles. I didn’t know babies chuckled in their sleep, but apparently this one does.

After several hard nights with Daniel trying to pass gas or poop with great difficulty, our midwives advised me to cut dairy out of my diet to see if it helped the baby’s digestion. Like a miracle, the very day I stopped eating dairy, he was much calmer and pooped with little effort. It’s been a little over a week, now, since I cut it out, and it’s been great. Our nights have gotten much more calm and regular. Last night was the best of all so far. Because Daniel spits up a lot, we elevated the head of the cosleeper mattress to try to help keep the milk down. It appears to have worked–Daniel slept for 4 hours straight!!! It was wonderful to get such a long stretch of uninterrupted sleep–it’s pretty funny that 4 hours is a long stretch to me now. And when he did “wake up” to eat, he was only in that halfway awake state. As soon as he nuzzled into the breast, he was out like a light again. His second stretch of sleep was just over 3 hours–though for some horrible reason, I woke up after 2 hours and had to go pee. I was pretty mad that I had the opportunity to have slept for another hour and a half, but blew it by having drank too much water. We’re hoping that the elevated mattress was the cause of the long sleep stretches and not just a coincidence. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

I love getting out of the house with Daniel–it helps make the days go by so much quicker. Just sitting around the house trying to entertain a baby who can’t do much gets to be a bit boring–even when the baby is your own super cute cuddly sweetheart. Trying to do laundry, clean the bedroom, or make food can be pretty difficult. I’ve been lucky to have a housemate during this time who loves to hold Daniel while I get things done. Today I was able to make some yummy pancakes while she held him. Right now he’s sleeping cuddled in the MayaWrap (a long stretchy piece of fabric wrapped around my body in such a way that the baby is strapped snugly to my chest). It allows me to be hands-free while still “holding” the baby.

When I go out, I like to carry him either in the MayaWrap or the sling. He loves being in these carriers and usually falls asleep in them. A couple days ago, I walked to the post office, the Paseo and the grocery store with him cuddled  in the sling. He didn’t wake up until I got back home. Unfortunately, the weather was incredibly hot, so both of us were wet with sweat when I finally pulled him out of the sling. I want to get out of the house more often, but I dread the weather. Last night, it was nice and cool outside, but today, it was super hot again.

I’ve managed, without any effort on my part, to lose almost all of my baby weight already. I’m only a few pounds heavier than I was when I started. The weight is distributed mostly in my hips and breasts, so my old clothes still don’t quite fit, but I feel great.


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