9 Weeks Old

It’s getting easier. Allelujah!

It’s becoming standard for Daniel to sleep for 5-6 hours before waking for the first time in the night. It has done wonders for my sanity. We’ve pretty much given up trying to get him to bed before 9pm though. He just doesn’t want to go to bed any earlier. It’s pretty amazing for him to be asleep before 10pm on most nights. Tonight, though, because he napped on a great schedule during the day, was ready for bed at 9. I shouldn’t stay up too long writing this blog so that I can maximize the amount of sleep I get.

Daniel smiles so much now. We haven’t gotten a laugh yet, but I think it’ll happen within the next week or so. He’s almost squealing with delight sometimes.

He’s starting to be entertained by toys. When he’s laid on an activity blanket–you know, the kind with the hangy things suspended over it–he coos and talks to the hangy things. He gets his legs going with excitement, but he hasn’t figured out how to bat at things yet.

He also loves bath time. I took some video of him in the bath kicking and getting excited.

We’re off to Hawaii on Monday for a week. I’m a little nervous about taking Daniel on the plane… luckily he’s not much of a crier and is easily soothed. What’s really concerning is that we have first class tickets (yay Sky Miles!) so the other passengers will be even less tolerant of a crying baby if it comes to that.

We’ve been using a diaper service for the last two months and will continue to use it for the next 3 months. It makes cloth diapering no different from disposable diapering except that you can only put the cloth diapers in your own pail. Having the service is cheaper than buying disposable diapers AND we’re saving tons of space in the landfills. After the service, we’ll be using our own cloth diapers that we’ve already purchased. I’ll have to wash my own, but I don’t anticipate that being much of an issue since we already wash our own diaper covers and cloth wipes.

Before Daniel was born, I considered infant potty training (or as they call it “elimination communication”), but I’m not so sure anymore. I may give it a try within the next couple of weeks and just see how it goes. It’s pretty interesting. You can read about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elimination_communication.


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