11 Weeks Old

I’m beginning to transition from siting Daniel’s age in weeks to using months. I haven’t been keeping track of the week markers as closely as I was before.

Just as I did during the pregnancy, I am constantly looking forward to the next milestone. I guess I’m realizing just how impatient of a person I am. Right now I am looking forward to Daniel being able to laugh. He’s just a on the brink of being able to figure out what to do with all the emotion that builds up when he’s excited. He used to just turn red and hold his breath. Now he’ll squeal a little or give one little cough of laughter, but it’s still pretty inconsistent. He should be able to figure it out pretty soon though–probably by the next time I write.

I’m also really looking forward to him being able to eat solid foods. Once he’s able to do that, so many doors will be open to us and there will be a significant shift in our parenting. The two biggest changes will be longer sleep periods (yay sleep!) and longer periods of time between feedings (which translates to: Dan and I can go out on dates again!).

Daniel continues to grow SO FAST. He’s already almost 18 lbs! We predict that he’ll grow up to be bigger than his dad.

Daniel is starting to be interested in toys now. He can bat at things that hang just above him and if I put something in his hand he can aim it towards his mouth and often he hits his target.

We just spent a week in Hawaii which was a lot of fun. It was a great vacation for all of us in different ways. Dan’s parents and siblings went with us. For me, the best part of the vacation was all the extra help I got with Daniel. I was able to read a 600 page book in 3 days (I highly recommend “The Other Boleyn Girl” by Phillipa Gregory).

Thankfully Daniel was really good on the flights, too. Our return flight was interesting in that Denise Richards, her three kids and nanny sat in front of us. Dan and I debated whether or not it was really her for awhile, but then Charlie Sheen came on the T.V. to talk about Three and a Half Men and she pointed to him, saying, “Look! Daddy’s on T.V.!” Daniel handled the flight much better than her youngest.

That’s another thing I find myself doing a lot–comparing Daniel with other kids. When I talk to other moms I always want to know if their kids spit up, or how they sleep at night. Dan’s not so into all the baby talk. He can handle a little bit, but not as much as I want. I’m hoping to join a moms’ group soon so I can have a consistent outlet and find some kids the same age as Daniel that he can grow up playing with.


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