Nearly 4 Months Old

Daniel is taking a long nap. I’m trying to take advantage of it and get as much done as possible–hence the blog a bit earlier than I intended.

We’ve been having some trouble at bedtime lately. He’s been falling asleep around 8:30–barely able to keep his eyes open from exhaustion. But after about 30 minutes of sleep, he’ll start crying. When we go in to comfort him, he’s still half asleep. Sometimes we can get him back to sleep without much effort, but he wakes up again and again with the same crying episodes. Sometimes we can’t get him back to sleep and he’s awake for another couple of hours. BUT he’s been sleeping longer, so it’s kinda worth the trouble. Last night he slept for 7 hours and the night before, he slept for 8 hours.

Daniel is dealing with his first cold right now. He’s handling it okay. It’s really only a problem when he cries. Because he’s got mucous in his throat and nose, when he cries, it gets worse and he gags on it which makes him even more angry.

He still spits up SO MUCH. It almost made Dan vomit this weekend. The spit ups that happen right after he eats are fine, but the ones he does 30 or 40 minutes later smell like sour milk… cuz that’s what they are… sour milk. And sour milk all over your shirt, pants, face, whatever, is disgusting. Even when it’s your own milk! I always pack at least 2 extra outfits for Daniel when we go out because I know he’ll need to change his clothes–it’s just a matter of how long it will take. We’ve been putting bibs on him to catch some of the mess so he can wear his clothes a bit longer.

Daniel has been drinking from a cup lately. Not a sippie cup with a spout–a regular cup. Dan and I are season ticket holders at Glendale Centre Theatre and we’d missed the last two shows because of Daniel. We really wanted to see The Pirates of Penzance, but knew I’d have to leave a supply of milk if we were to go see it since we’d be gone longer than 2 hours. We did try giving Daniel a bottle (even though I really, really didn’t want to), but he just got mad. The cup works out great–he gets his milk without having to learn to suck a different way, and I get to brag that my 4-month-old son knows how to drink from a cup (and use the toilet)! Next month: driving lessons.


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