Almost 6 Months Old

Six months have gone by so quickly. I’m ready for the next one… kinda. I’ve been polling parents about how they feel about the age differences of their children. It seems to be the consensus that having them close together is very hard at the beginning, but potentially wonderful as they get older; and having them about 3 years apart is generally the best all around in that there’s no period where the gap is extremely difficult–notice I said “extremely”? I’m sure it’s difficult at some point having more than one child… but it’s difficult having one, so the general difficulty of it all doesn’t really get to count in this equation. I figure I’d rather have the difficulty all smooshed together in one big lump so that when it’s over, it’s over and we can get on with it. But Dan would rather take it a little more slowly–take some time to rest between children. He’s probably right.

I’m just impatient. I was impatient to get married, impatient to buy a house, impatient to have our first child. I think I need to just relax and enjoy the moments as they happen. It’s hard to do. And though I know I should be doing that, I don’t really know how.

Daniel came down with his first cold on Sunday. He had a fever and a runny nose and a bit of coughing. It wasn’t too bad. There were a couple of times when he seemed to be pretty miserable, but a bit of Tylenol helped. He’s been taking a homeopathic remedy for his runny nose which helps a bit. Now we’re just waiting for it to stop running completely before we go where other children will be to keep him from infecting them and/or to keep their parents from worrying he will.

The exciting developments are slowing down now. Daniel is still working on sitting unassisted. He’s pretty good at it now as long as his diaper is on. Without it, he’s a little more floppy–less support, I guess. He can kind of roll from his back to his front, but his arm still gets stuck underneath him and he usually just ends up rolling back over to his back again. His “words” are fun to listen to. He’s been throwing a few new sounds into the mix lately, but his favorites are still “dah dah dah” or “lah lah lah” or some mix of the two–“ldah dlah” or something like that. He kicks like crazy now. It used to be mostly in the bathtub, but now he kicks anywhere. It’s funny watching him try to kick his legs while sitting on the potty.

I bought an Ergo Carrier recently after hearing some of the other moms rave about it. I’d been using my slings a ton until I got it. I still prefer the slings for going to the store or for short outings because Daniel can see so much better in them and they’re much more portable and adjustable. But the Ergo Carrier is a dream in so many ways. It’s a little bulky on my tiny body–but for a normal sized person (or a large person, for that matter) I can imagine it’d be perfect. I can wear Daniel on my back or my front and he feels completely secure and comfortable. His weight is evenly distributed on my shoulders and hips. And he seems to love being in it–he falls asleep half the time. It’s like a Baby Bjorn, but a zillion times better. For one, they don’t hang by their crotch with the Ergo (the Bjorns are bad for their hips). Two, the Ergo has a waist belt that helps to distribute the weight better (and because Daniel is so heavy and I’m so small, that’s a huge bonus). Three, the Ergo can be used with newborns all the way up to toddlers. It’s well worth the investment–it’s kinda costly.

Daniel is almost too big for his carseat already, so instead of going from the infant seat to the toddler seat, we have to get a convertable seat. The biggest bummer about that is that convertable seats are so much bigger than infant seats (so they can support a child up to 40 lbs) and my car is small. The infant seat that Daniel is in now barely fits in my car–rear-facing, that is. Once he can face forward (at one year), it’ll be no problem. I’m just praying that the seat we get (the Britax Roundabout seems to be the smallest one I can find) will fit somehow. Any suggestions?


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