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6 Months, 3 Days Old

This weekend I made the comment to Dan that I thought Daniel would have teeth by the time his parents returned from their trip on Wednesday–only half-believing it myself. But I was right! Daniel’s two bottom front teeth have broken through! It’s so exciting. I find myself touching them all day long–as if they’d gotten bigger since the last time I felt them… 20 minutes earlier.

A couple of days ago we moved Daniel out of our room. Before he was born, I thought he’d stay in our room for at least a year–maybe even two or three depending on how things went. But Daniel has outgrown the co-sleeper (we got the mini-co-sleeper, then ended up with a giant!) and we didn’t end up buying a king-sized bed. So without talking to Dan (I just assumed he’d be happy about it), I decided that we’d transition Daniel into his own room on his very own full-sized bed when he turned 6 months old.

Dan admitted the next day that he was surprised that I’d done it so soon and that he missed having Daniel in our room–that he liked waking up to his cooing and hearing his sounds. And I was surprised that I’d done it so soon, too. But I just felt like it was time.

There were several reasons: (1) Dan snores. Loudly. A couple times the snoring has woken both Daniel and I up. (2) Dan’s alarm goes off at 8:15 AM… so Daniel wakes up at 8:15 AM most mornings–which wouldn’t be so bad if he went to sleep earlier–but he’s a little night owl. (3) As mentioned above, he’s outgrown his co-sleeper, so we’d either need to buy the bigger one, or bring him into our bed in order to keep him in our room. (4) When Daniel would stir as if he’s waking up, I wouldn’t wait very long before picking him up to feed him back to sleep because I didn’t want him to cry which would wake up Dan. In his own room, he has a better chance of being able to put himself back to sleep when he stirs because I’m less likely to get up and run into the next room (both because I can’t hear him as well–even with the monitor on–and because I’d actually have to get my butt up to do it). (5) I knew that the longer he was in our room, the harder it would be to get him out of it. Families who choose to keep their children in their rooms–especially those who share a family bed–tend to keep them there for years. The decision to share a family bed is a lifestyle choice. (6) Sex–‘nough said.

So Daniel is in his own room, in his own bed. He has red flannel sheets and sleeps on a lambskin pelt in the middle of his full bed–which looks enormous when he’s laying in the middle of it.

He and I both transitioned quite well. The first night was a little rough for me. I didn’t sleep very well. Even though I trust the monitor when I’m awake, I worried that it would malfunction while I was asleep and I wouldn’t be able to hear Daniel if he woke up. So I spent most of the night tossing and turning and trying to turn off my brain. The second night I was fine, but Daniel wasn’t. He’d been sick, but was getting better. That night, though, he developed a night-time cough with all the drainage, so his sleep was not as sound. The last two nights were better–only a little coughing. Daniel had a great day today, so I’m expecting tonight to reflect that as well.

I still have things to say… I need to vent about Daniel’s pediatrician… but this blog is already pretty long and I need to get myself to bed. Stay tuned.

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