Still 7 Months Old

Chiropractors are awesome! Everyone should have one. I’ve already had two adjustments and the difference in my body is amazing. It turns out that most of the tension is in my lower back. The pain in my neck is from my poor posture because of the intense tension in my back. The chiropractor thinks the tension has been there for a long time and the pain just showed up with the added strain of carrying by darling–huge–baby around.

That darling baby is still not sleeping very well at night. Every couple of nights I attempt to try to get him back to sleep without nursing him, but even if I can get him to relax and get to sleep, he wakes back up within 5 minutes looking for his milk. Maybe he’s going through yet another growth spurt and is actually waking up for hunger more than for comfort. He’s eating solid food three times per day and still nursing every 2-3 hours all day long. He’s always hungry.

I realized I never “ranted” about our pediatrician. And today I have yet another thing to add to my list. It’s not that she’s bad. She’s actually a good pediatrician for those who do things “by the book”. But when we see her, I always leave with the feeling that she’d rather not be our doctor. She’s open to our views and never pushes anything–even the vaccinations, which she strongly believes we should do–but she does give me that look that says, “I disapprove”. The thing that made me the most frustrated that was the source of the comment about her in my last blog was that she asked me why I would make my own baby cereal for Daniel rather than use the freeze-dried kind that you reconstitute with water from the store. Fresh is always better than processed! I told her if the iron supplementation was a concern (the box kind is fortified with iron), I would consider giving Daniel iron drops. She said that was a bad idea because too much iron could be poisonous for a baby. To me that sounds like, “I don’t trust you to measure the supplements correctly for your child, you might poison him.”

And lastly, when we went to get Daniel’s birth certificate yesterday they couldn’t process it because the pediatrician didn’t sign the form! To be fair, that’s not entirely her fault. The form didn’t expressly say, “Sign this form”. It did say, “Examined By” but I suppose that could have been interpreted as, “What is your name?” Nevermind that it’s an offical form needed for obtaining a birth certificate and anyone could just write anyone’s name in the blank and she’s a doctor who has to fill out official forms all the time. I’d give her some slack if we liked her more… but we don’t, so she gets to take most of the blame on this one.

We have another appointment tomorrow to try to get Daniel’s birth certificate. Hopefully this time we’ll come home successful.


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