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9 Months Old

Crawling, cruising, teething, all so exciting.

Daniel knows how to crawl now, but he’s still a little slow and clumsy. If he wants something he can certainly get to it, though. But he prefers to be up on his feet cruising around the furniture. Any chance he gets, he’s pulling himself to standing. I have a feeling he’ll be walking before his first birthday.

He’s finally cut is top two center teeth. It’s been 3 months since his first two teeth came through. Normally the first sets of teeth come in about 1 month apart. Daniel’s lucky he has any teeth, though. Both Dan and I were late teethers. We didn’t expect Daniel to get his first teeth as soon as he did.

Along with the new teeth came teething biscuits. I finally introduced Daniel to both wheat and dairy, so he can eat just about anything now. He loves crackers, and just about anything he can feed to himself. His coordination is still pretty off, so it’s funny watching him pick up little things like Cheerios and try to put them in his mouth. The effort takes both hands smashing the Cheerio into his face in hopes that it makes it into his mouth. He’s successful about 65% of the time.

Separation anxiety is really starting to be an issue now, too. Daniel has been a mama’s boy for the last week or so. He’s even wanting me over his Grandma and Grandpa Hanson! In the past, he’s favored them when they’re around. He seems to be fine without me if he can’t see or hear me, but once he does, he’s writhing away from whatever or whoever he’s with to get to me. I do like it a little that he’s so clingy to me right now. It’s nice to know that he knows I’m his mama.

I think he’s starting to say Mama and Dada with intention. He really seems to be able to understand what we’re saying when we ask, “Where’s Daddy?” or, “Where’s Mama?”

He can now wave bye bye, give high five, and sometimes, give kisses (those slimy open-mouthed baby kind).

Sleep is going okay. Daniel’s still not sleeping well, but we’re back to a more manageable schedule. Last night, though, Daniel was sleep-rioting (like sleepwalking, but baby-style). His eyes were either closed, or vacant-looking, but he was tossing and turning, getting up on his hands and knees then falling to his belly, digging his head into the mattress and pushing with his feet to drive himself forward, kicking his feet, turning in circles… I tried rubbing his back, nursing him, walking him, but nothing worked. After an hour and a half, he finally settled down and relaxed into the rest of his sleep. I was tired this morning. Dan didn’t even remember that during this sleep-rioting period, Daniel crawled over to him and pulled his hair and pounded on his face.

Tonight Daniel went to sleep relatively easily and still hasn’t woken up. I’m pretty tired, so I should get myself to bed and take advantage of this precious quiet.

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