10 Months, 3 Weeks Old

Daniel is standing on his own more and more. He’s not even wobbly when he does it. It still requires a bit of coaxing and some trickery sometimes, but he’s much more confident. Yesterday, he let go of the couch and started clapping for himself. I didn’t even realize he wasn’t holding onto anything for a second. When I realized it, I started cheering for him and he got so excited that he couldn’t balance anymore and had to hold onto the sofa again.

As you just read, he claps now, too. He can wave bye bye and give hugs and kisses. He makes the “aaahhh” sound after drinking from a cup. He pretends to drink from a cup by making a slurping sound when he puts one up to his mouth. He likes to “share” his drink, too. He loves to brush his teeth. If he sees a toothbrush, he has to have it. He goes nuts if he can’t. He likes to share his toothbrush, too. He’s learned to put things “away”, but usually he puts one thing into a basket or bucket or other receptacle and then takes something else out, or he stirs his hand around inside of it which almost always ends up flinging more things out than he put in. He’ll usually “dance” when he hears music. When we get to our front door and I start unlocking it, he likes to ring the doorbell. He’s a fiend for my mobile phone. As soon as he wakes up in the morning, it’s the first thing he goes for.

On a less exciting note, I think Daniel has Spasmodic Croup. Since he was sick a few weeks ago, the croup cough has suddenly returned twice now with barely any other symptoms. It doesn’t seem like he’s getting sick again, but his cough would suggest that he is. I’m pretty convinced that he’s not sick despite the aweful cough (based on the lack of any other symptoms and that he’s retained his curious, on-the-go attitude without skipping a beat) and there’s information to suggest I’m right. If it is Spasmodic Croup, something is irritating his little airway and I’m determined to figure out what it is. I’m not looking forward to several more years of this.


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