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5 Days Short of ONE YEAR

My son is not a good sleeper. He’s not a bad sleeper, but he’s most certainly not a good one. His biggest issue with sleep is getting there. Putting him to bed has become a huge chore. He used to nurse happily to sleep most nights, but in the last month or so, it’s been taking him longer and longer to fall asleep. Tonight, for example, it took him nearly 2 hours! He’s so tired, tossing and turning, even drifting off to sleep for a few seconds here and there, but he just can’t fully relax and let himself get into a deep sleep. And lately he’s been waking up around 3 or 4am doing the same thing–tossing, turning, wiggling, grunting, and occasionally, popping his head up and crawling around to see if either Dan or I will give him the time of day. After about 2 hours of that (the sun is usually up) he’s back asleep until 8 or 8:30. It’s really driving me nuts.

Yesterday I purchased a “calm kit” from Whole Foods. It’s a series of herbal supplement drops that are supposed to help children calm down and relax. I gave it to Daniel last night and he fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep for 3 1/2 hours before waking to nurse (he usually wakes within 2 hours). Unfortunately, it didn’t last through the night. He was up at 4:15 and didn’t fall back asleep until after 6. Tonight, the drops didn’t help him get to sleep, but they’ve helped him stay asleep. We’ll see how he does when dusk rolls around tomorrow morning.

Now that Daniel is understanding more and more words, the night time routine isn’t as frustrating as it could be. I can tell him he needs to “lay down in bed” and he knows what that means. If he doesn’t stay laying down in bed, I leave the room for a few minutes. He really doesn’t like that, so he’s motivated to keep himself horizontal. And I do get a lot of good quiet thinking and praying time in.

Enough about sleep, though. Daniel took his first steps on Sunday. Auntie Laurie was holding onto him from behind as he toddled toward Grandma Sue when she let go of him and he continued to walk! He repeated the trick when Grandpa and Daddy came running in to see what all the cheering was about.

He’s up to 8 teeth now, but he’s still not eating much. From talking to other moms who breastfeed their older babies, this is completely normal, but I would feel better about his nutrition and mine if he’d eat a little more. He’s figured out how to spit food out of his mouth and he usually does so after 3 or 4 bites of something.

Daniel’s vocabulary is increasing as well, though his words still aren’t very clear. He can now say: light, water, milk, mommy, daddy, hello, and he mimics other words, though I don’t think he really knows what they mean. For example, when we’re in the shower, and he points at the diamond-shaped tiles, I tell him, “diamond” and he says something like, “daidoh”. We play that game almost every morning.

Because we’ll be in Newport for Daniel’s birthday (a work conference for Dan), we’re having his party the following weekend. I originally intended on keeping it small, but now I’ve invited a bunch of people and I’ve planned games and swimming and barbeque. One year birthdays are more for the parents than for the children anyway. Daniel won’t remember his first birthday but through photos and video. Dan and I will. And hopefully the memories will be wonderful. You’ll soon find out!


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