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One Year Today!!!

In one hour and thirty two minutes from right now, Daniel will be one year old to the minute. He had a good day mostly. He received lots of fun toys: a big bouncy ball, a xylophone/piano in the shape of a tiger, a gnome-in-the-box, a set of wooden blocks encased in a wooden schoolhouse carrying case, a bucket full of sand toys, and a dump truck full of sand toys. What a lucky, lucky boy! And he hasn’t even had his birthday party yet!

The most exciting thing is that Daniel decided on Wednesday that it was time to start walking for real. He stood himself up from the ground without pulling up on something. He walked to me without needing to gain momentum first. Not only that but he could take several steps, stop to catch his balance, and take a few more steps. It’s as if he was waiting until he was confident he could do it before giving walking a try. I had given up hope that he’d be walking by his birthday because he had been so timid about even letting go when standing. But he surprised us all with his abilities.

We had a special birthday dinner at Flemings Steak House here in Newport. Some friends from Pasadena came down to join us. Daniel got a bit fussy at dinner. The restaurant was of the type that lets you enjoy every course and doesn’t push your meal along which made for a lengthy evening for our little monkey. But he ended the night with a big bowl of ice cream which made him very happy.

He’s finally sleeping. Here’s hoping he stays asleep and lets mom enjoy her sleep, too.

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