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21 Months Old

Call me obsessed, but I’ve already got Daniel’s 2nd birthday party all planned out. I’ve had so many ideas, but most of them are not quite age-appropriate yet. I want to do crafts and activities and games… but there are really only so many things you can do to keep a bunch of toddlers interested. So I’m trying to keep it simple. But it’s going to be tough.

We attended his friend Annabel’s 2nd birthday party, so he’s been able to grasp what it means to have a birthday–fun, friends, and presents! Grandma told him, when he asked about a basket-ball game, that he could have one for his birthday. Now Daniel tells us, “Daniel’s birthday! Happy birthday, Daniel!” when we talk about basketball. He also likes to remind us, “Daniel’s birthday coming in June!” I’m trying to figure out a way not to restrict gifts on his birthday, while still keeping it from becoming a “give me stuff” event. I want him to appreciate the fun time with friends and family celebrating his life without the gifts being the highlight of the event (especially since we’ll be inviting half the world to his party–which could spell disaster for those plans if I’m not careful). I’m thinking of asking people to donate money or gift certificates towards swim classes, MyGym classes, or KidSpace membership instead–or to give books or clothes–if they even give a gift at all. I feel like I need to establish this pattern early so that not only will Daniel view our tradition as normal, but so will our friends and family.

During bed-time prayers, for the last several weeks, Daniel has been asking God to make “Uncle Dave’s elbow feel better” (my brother-in-law broke his elbow about a month ago). This morning, Daniel inquired about “Uncle Dave’s broken elbow.” I told him that Uncle Dave’s elbow was all fixed. To which Daniel responded (brace yourself–this is too cute), “Thank you God! You did it God!” It was the cutest response he could have given.

He’s been volunteering “please” and “thank you” more often lately–but with “please” he hasn’t quite gotten the sentence structure down, so he says something like, “Please Mama drink Mama please Mama” or some similar string of pleases and mamas and whatever it is that he wants. With “thank you”, he knows that the word is associated with giving and receiving, but he hasn’t quite grasped that only the recipient is supposed to say, “Thank you.” He uses the phrase when giving and receiving.

As in the examples above, Daniel is expressing himself more and more–independently making connections and shifting his verbal communication from simply narrating our day to interacting with and responding to our activities. It is so much fun watching his personality develop before my eyes.

Yesterday, there was a training drill in our complex for the Pasadena Fire Department that lasted all day. The complex was swarming with fire fighters, which Daniel thought was exquisite. Parked outside were about 8 emergency vehicles that he found fascinating, as well. Unfortunately, we missed the window where the fire fighters were showing people around the trucks and equipment (Daniel was disappointed that he didn’t get to use the steering wheel), but we took some pictures of him admiring the trucks.

Next weekend we’re going on a cruise to Ensenada. Daniel is excited, or in his words, “exciting!” to get on the “big boat!” Especially because both sets of grandparents are going with us (and a whole bunch of Dan’s customers–since the point of the cruise is to reward and thank his business customers for loyalty). We did this cruise when I was pregnant with Daniel and he jumped and kicked inside me with the extremely loud music and microphones. I’m a little nervous about how it will be to have a toddler on the boat (I’m especially curious about the sleeping arrangements). I’m sure I’ll have plenty to update on that.

Bon voyage!

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