Nearly 2 Years Old and Another One on the Way!!!

That’s right folks. I’m growing another little Hanson. This was another little surprise. We were trying to wait until this month to start trying for another, but got a little ahead of ourselves. But a one-month head-start is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. Really the only reason we were trying to wait was to keep the child’s birthday as far away from Christmas as possible. But now our due date is sometime in mid-January–a little too close for my comfort, but what can I do at this point?

The midwife who assisted at Daniel’s birth is no longer practicing midwifery, but the woman who was her partner still is and she’ll be attending this child’s birth. Dan and I really liked her last time (we did many of our prenatal visits with her)  and we’ve kept in touch with her over the last couple years.

Daniel doesn’t really understand what it means that I’m pregnant, or that a new baby will come to live in our house. We haven’t really tried explaining it beyond that yet. Right now we’re still trying to focus on his needs and his upcoming birthday party which he is very excited about.

Daniel will be 2 years old in about 2 weeks. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the time goes. I’ll have to remember to tell myself that when I’m calming a fussy baby at 2AM knowing that my toddler will need me to be ready to play by 8. Hopefully this time–now that I’m accustomed to very little sleep–it won’t be quite *as* bad.


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