2 Years, 4 Months

It’s been awhile! I keep meaning to write, but then I get sidetracked. But Daniel astounded me today, so I wanted to share.

We got up and I went immediately to the bathroom. Daniel went to his room to get a nametag of his, and put it around his neck. Then he told me, “It says 626-792-8251.” That’s our phone number!!! I never taught him our phone number. Dan never taught him our phone number. He’s just heard us say it every now and again–most recently, last night, when we ordered pizza. I only said it one time to the pizza guy on the phone, but somehow it stuck.

I immediately called both sets of grandparents to share the amazing news (and to make Daniel tell them, too). Neither of them had taught him his phone number either. I am just so amazed. Every mom thinks their kid is smart and special and amazing, and I’m no different.

We’re still nursing, but we’re down to 3 times/day–first thing in the morning, just before nap time, and just before bed. I’m not really interested in forcing him to wean, but I wouldn’t be upset if he was ready soon. I’m pretty ambivalent about it. I do love nursing him still. It’s hard not to when he says to me, “Your milks are nice,” or “I love your milks,” every time we sit down to nurse. There are some who have voiced their opinions about it–both positively and negatively. It’s tricky to separate my true feelings from those of others around me.

Daniel is finally sleeping all night long in his own bed. It only took a couple weeks of night-weaning, and he was staying in his own bed later and later. This morning he didn’t come to our bed for milk until about 7 (with an 8pm bed time!).

The trick now, is trying to get him to go to sleep without him needing us to “check” on him 20 times. We’ve found that the earlier we put him to bed, the better it goes, so his bed time has moved up from about 9pm to about 8pm. And even though it only looks like we gain one hour, we actually gain at least 1.5 hours, sometimes 2! With the number of times we needed to check on Daniel when he went to bed later, he was awake most nights until about 10pm. Now that he’s in bed earlier, he’s not cranky tired, so he accepts it when we say good night. It’s strange starting our evening at 8:15, when we’re used to starting it at 10:15! We feel like it’s midnight when it’s really only 10. Now, if only we could get ourselves in bed earlier, too.

I’m really enjoying this stage in Daniel’s life. I feel like I could have had a newborn right now and be able to juggle them both. I’ll remember that for next time (if Dan lets me!).

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