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14 Weeks Pregnant

Big changes have been happening these last two weeks. My belly (and hips!) has grown so much, my clothes don’t fit anymore. I’ve gained 5 pounds just this week! Yesterday, I also noticed that my uterus has finally pushed its way up into my abdomen (instead of sitting inside my pelvis–and resting on my bladder!). When I was going to bed last night, I felt for my uterus, and was shocked to find it much higher and firmer than just a few days ago. I guess I am officially now in the 2nd trimester.

We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat at our last prenatal appointment with our midwife Margo. The baby kept slamming up against the doppler while she was trying to listen. We’d hear the heartbeat for a second, then, SLAM. Heartbeat again, then, SLAM. And every time baby slammed, Margo would say, “Schlump.” After a few shlumps, I started laughing pretty hard, and my movements were making the doppler go crazy, so we had to stop. I couldn’t regain my composure enough to hear anything but the doppler amplifying my shaking belly.

We took Daniel to Disneyland on Saturday. He had so much fun. Much to Dan’s joy, Daniel loved the Tiki Room. He was transfixed watching the show and often talks about the thunder and lightning and rain at the end.

Daniel has grown so tall already. He’s over 3 feet tall! He often gets mistaken for a 3 or 4 year old.

We’ve entered the Why stage already, but the questions so far have been about our actions, rather than about how/why things work. For example, he likes to ask, “Why did you tell me no?” or “Why did you take a shower?”

Daniel goes for long stretches now being able to play by himself. He has a train set that we got him for Christmas last year, that he plays with every day. And if we’re out and there’s a train set in a store (there are several in the area), he’s beside himself.

We’ve almost weaned completely. He gets to nurse first thing in the morning for a few minutes, and again at nap time–but only for one minute. I barely have any milk, so it’s just for comfort and security these days. Now, we’re working to cut out nursing at nap time altogether–probably in the next week or so. But the morning one, I’m not so sure I’ll force. We’ll see how I feel when I get bigger. Right now, he comes to our room between 6:30 and 7:30 and climbs into bed with us. It’s just nice to be able to nurse him while still half asleep. Afterwards, he just lays in our bed resting… sometimes he falls back to sleep, and other times he just puts his arm around me and rubs my neck while I doze for a few more minutes. It really is a beautiful way to wake up. Either when Dan’s alarm goes off, or when Daniel’s had enough lazing around, he announces, “Let’s wake up! Let’s read stories!” Then, after going to the bathroom, we read for a bit and he plays train set, we eat, I shower (often he jumps in, too), and we get going for the day. I’m curious about how things will be when baby comes.

Lucky for me, Daniel still takes a lovely 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day, so I can nap, or rest, or laze around watching TV… because I rarely do any housework during that time! I just hope I can coordinate baby’s nap schedule with Daniel’s (assuming he still naps by then), so I can at least get some alone time.

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11 Weeks Pregnant

The last few days have been intense. Not because of the pregnancy, because of the draining conversations I’ve been having with my more conservative friends and family. Is it even worth debating with people who so obviously don’t want to hear what you have to say? Who don’t have an ounce of budge in their views? Who refuse to be open to reason? It’s probably not. But I can’t help myself.

Because I’m so emotionally tired of thinking about deep issues, it’s time to write about happy things and give you all an update.

A couple weeks ago, I started spotting again. I didn’t worry about it too much since it was such a small amount–or so I thought. But then last Thursday, it was different, so I immediately called the crazy doctor (because I hadn’t found another one yet), and made an appointment for that day at 2. Our friend Judy graciously offered to watch Daniel while we went to the appointment–since we didn’t know how many hours it might take. I was nervous leaving Daniel because I thought he might not be able to handle it (he’s never had a babysitter before). But he didn’t have a problem at all. He loved playing with Judy and his friend Annabel.

When we arrived at the office, the receptionist informed us that the doctor had just been called to an emergency C-section and wouldn’t be back for another 40 minutes. So we walked around, had coffee (I had decaf), then went back to the waiting room to wait. Thankfully, the doctor came back only a few minutes later than they had predicted, and we got to see him in less than an hour.

He confirmed that the bleeding was not coming from my uterus and the ultrasound showed a healthy baby jumping and waving at us. We were so relieved. This time, the scan reduced our miscarriage chances to less than one percent. When we got home, it hit me just how worried I had been about the spotting the previous week. I suddenly had a burst of energy and got some things done around the house, when the week before, all I wanted to do was lay around. I was just attributing the lazing around to pregnancy exhaustion, but I now realize it was a bit of depression thinking of losing another child. I’m so glad to be out of that mindset.

Since Thursday, I’ve made lasagna (from scratch–even the sauce), cranberry sauce, pumpkin muffins, a rotisserie chicken, and chicken-noodle soup. I’ve done laundry, had energy to play with Daniel and go for walks. I went to (and helped to organize) our church retreat in the mountains, drove to and from San Diego for a birthday party. And between all those things, had several intense debates on some of the big issues our nation and state are facing. I’d say I’m doing well.

Now if I could only figure out how to keep the house clean…

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