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18 Weeks Pregnant

I was really hoping I would feel this baby move earlier and more discernibly. And while I may have felt it earlier, it has been less frequent and with less strength than I remember it being with Daniel. At about 18 weeks with Daniel, Dan was even able to feel it. But we’re no where near that level with this one. I’m trying to remind myself that it’s still very early–even to be feeling movement as I do, which is usually at least once/day–and that every pregnancy is different, but I still find myself worrying that this baby is not moving enough.

We will be having our anatomy scan on January 5–which is where the doctor will, via ultrasound, check to make sure baby has all his/her organs and that they look normal. We will also try to find out baby’s gender. We have a name picked out for a girl–Kate–but are struggling to find a suitable boy’s name. We decided to wait until after the ultrasound to continue the discussion, so we know whether or not it’s even worth trying to figure out. By this time in my pregnancy with Daniel I had a pretty strong feeling that he was a boy, but I’m not having feelings either way with this one.

It seems Daniel is finally completely weaned. I’ve been telling him that the milk is all gone (because it is), and usually he denies it, saying, “Daniel thinks there is milk in there,” but he’s been coming to terms with the fact that the milk is, in fact, virtually gone. When I told him this morning that I would have milk again when the baby comes because the baby will need it, he responded, “Then Daniel can have your milks again!” I’m not opposed to letting him have some at that time if there are jealousy issues or something, but I don’t think it will come to that. He seems pretty ready to have a baby around. Every time he sees a baby these days he adores it. And we have been talking a lot about the kinds of things babies need.

I took Daniel for a walk to the Paseo (an outdoor mall a couple blocks from our house) yesterday. There happened to be a high-school orchestra playing in the main square and Daniel was mesmerized. He sat in my lap for the remainder of their concert (about 15 minutes) completely silent, eyes transfixed. He says he likes the violins best and would like to learn how to play one. At home he just plays the harmonica (he’s not too bad, actually) and the guitar. He loves to listen to Johnny Cash (and recently Social Distortion, too) singing Ring of Fire. Just about every day, he’ll say to me, “Can I have Burnin’ Ring of Fire on?”. And he’ll usually specify which version he’d like to hear. He also loves the Latino Christmas song, Mi Burrito Sabanero, which he calls the Tuki, Tuki song.

Just a few days until Christmas. May the season be full of joy and peace to everyone!


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