21 Weeks Pregnant

At our ultrasound last week we discovered that we are likely having another boy. I say likely because baby wasn’t terribly interested in showing us the mechanics between his legs. The doctor (who I am actually coming to like) was pretty sure he saw boy parts, but didn’t rule out the possibility of a girl.

Still, we’re proceeding as though this one will be a boy and have finally had the name discussion. I had been pretty concerned about picking a boy’s name because we couldn’t decide how to proceed with using the family names we had been discussing since we first started talking about children years ago. It started to get complicated when both of us had a name to contribute. We didn’t want to pick just one of them–or more accurately, Dan was willing to drop his pick (Merrill–after his grandfather), but I would never have contributed my pick (Charles–after my great-grandfather, and, I found out a few days ago, Dan’s great-grandfather as well!) if he had not said he wanted to use Merrill. Family names have never really been that important to me. Long story short: Dan didn’t want to use 2 middle names, I didn’t want to use Merrill or Charles as a first name, I didn’t want to use Charles if we didn’t use Merrill, so we decided not to use either name.

We did come up with a boy’s name that we both really love: Reid. I read it, or heard it or something, and offered it as a suggestion, and Dan, with great surprise, said he’d been thinking of the possibility of using that name for the last couple weeks. It was the first name I offered (since we sat down to have the most recent discussion), and it was the one that stuck. Daniel his having a difficult time understanding that Reid is not read. Every time I’ve tried to tell him we are going to name the baby Reid, he tells me he is going to read to the baby.

And Daniel insists that we ought to call the baby Atu Beet–the way he used to say Uncle Dave when he was first learning to talk. Daniel had been telling us the baby was going to be a sister, so when we told him the baby was actually going to be a brother, we told him it would be just like Daddy and Uncle Dave. Someone in our family (may have even been me… but it’s been repeated so many times now, I can’t remember the originator) asked Daniel if we should call the baby Atu Beet, and he cracked up and said yes. And now he insists that we ought to call the baby Atu Beet. And we’re certainly not helping matters by laughing and repeating the story so often.

Also at our ultrasound, it was discovered that baby’s placenta is located toward the front of my uterus, which explains why I’ve felt less movement than I expected. The placenta is acting as a barrier to my ability to feel some of the kicks. I’ve really only been able to feel baby kicking below the waistline of my pants due to baby’s placental punching bag, so I haven’t been able to let others try to feel it yet–even though it’s possible to feel baby from the outside. Daniel and Dan have both finally been able to feel baby, though, and that’s what really matters.

We are finally going to throw Daniel his No More Milks party in the next couple of weeks. He’s been completely weaned since before Christmas. He still talks about Mama’s milk, but he hasn’t cried for it for awhile now. I’ve just told him I don’t have milk anymore. He seems comforted enough if I let him touch them–but has never had issue with my telling him not to touch them (in public, say).

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    Stefanie said,

    I LOVE the name Reid—very good choice! And Daniel and Reid sound like good names for brothers. 🙂

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