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Natural Mama

As most of my readers already know, I am in with the holistic crowd. I co-lead (my sweet, amazing, inspirational co-leader is moving to South Korea in a few weeks!) the Pasadena Chapter of the Holistic Moms Network, I (used to, I intend to) manage a holistic blog, and I do many, many “crunchy” things. Maybe I’ll make a list on my other blog where it seems more appropriate… it doesn’t seem fitting to “brag” about my hippiness here. Suffice it to say there are many things I haven’t touched in years that may be commonplace in the majority of American homes (deodorant, antibiotics, fast-food–except In-N-Out of course, to name a few).

I try my best not to be “in your face” about my choices, but I do what I do because I believe in it, so I’m sure it rubs people the wrong way sometimes. I’m also not known for being “quiet” or “subtle”. Reserved maybe, but I have a passionate side that is always just waiting to be unleashed. I came across this little animation recently that pokes fun at we holistic mamas. It is so true and so untrue at the same time. I don’t know anyone who is as brash and judgmental as the blonde woman in the clip, but it had me and my husband laughing out loud.

Please enjoy.


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It moves!!!

I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks that I could feel the baby moving, but I wouldn’t let myself believe it. I’m only 15 weeks pregnant right now–pretty early to be feeling baby even today. But it’s becoming undeniable. In fact, last night while lying in bed, baby gave me quite a whack. I bet if I had had my hand on my belly, I would have been able to feel it on the outside!

Typical kicks are more subtle–more like taps or gentle flicks. But it feels a lot like gas, too, which is why I kept denying the sensation. But with my uterus filling a bigger space in my abdomen, and the taps being in the same general area, and the sensations getting stronger and more consistent by the day, I can finally say with some certainty that, yes, I can feel the baby moving.

Our next big milestone will be learning the baby’s sex (or trying to anyway). I hope to schedule my anatomy scan for the first week in August. We get asked almost every day by someone if we’re hoping this baby is a girl. And I feel like I ought to say yes, but my honest answer isn’t so simple. I was telling some friends this morning at brunch that I would be disappointed if the baby was not a girl for the simple fact that I wouldn’t get to experience parenting a girl. But even still, I think I’d rather just stick with what we’re used to and have another boy. So the honest answer is that I see the pros and cons of either sex and one doesn’t necessarily outweigh the other.

When I was pregnant with Reid, however, I did want him to be a girl–more than I realized. When we found out he was actually a boy, I was surprised by the disappointment I felt. I was thankful it was short-lived, though. I think I was over it by the end of that day.

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