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12 Weeks Old (really!?!?)

Reid is big. But his brother was bigger–much bigger. I’m estimating that Reid is nearing 15 lbs, but Daniel was about 18 lbs by this age. My back aches all day long holding Reid. I often question how I did it with Daniel. I held Daniel so much more often than I’m able to hold Reid, but I don’t recall having such an achy back. I could blame it on getting older, but three years shouldn’t make that much of a difference. My neck did hurt a lot more with Daniel–maybe my posture is just different this time and baby’s weight is therefore affecting me differently. Whatever it is, I’m really looking forward to being able to a) carry Reid on my back in addition to on my front,  and b) being able to put Reid down for longer periods of time while he learns to play with toys and sit and crawl, etc.

It seems like Reid is much freer with his emotions in general than Daniel was. He smiles more–he’s been laughing for weeks already. Daniel had only just started to laugh by this age. He cries more–though he’s started fussing more often instead of going straight to crying, which has been a huge relief. I have a feeling that Reid is going to be a very aware and observant child–and probably a very tactile one as well.

My brother Gabe came up from San Diego to stay with us for a few weeks. He wanted to get away from home for a while (he’s 17–you know how that goes!) and we thought it’d be fun to have him stay here with us. Daniel thought having tio here was absolutely the best thing ever. I tried my best to give Gabe some solo time, but it was very tough to make Daniel stay away from his beloved tio for very long. I was glad to have him here to help relieve me of the guilt I feel for not being able to pay as much attention to Daniel as he’s used to. Daniel has been more emotional since Reid was born, so I know he’s feeling affected by the shift, but luckily he’s been nothing but kind and gentle and loving toward baby Reid. There are definitely times when Daniel would prefer if Reid was elsewhere, but he’s never said anything negative about him or shown any contempt for him. Instead, Daniel wants to hold him, kiss him, calm him, watch over him, etc. I can’t wait for the two of them to really be able to interact.

Reid is still a champion sleeper. He only wakes a couple times/night and usually he wakes to be changed and fed and that’s it. And recently, he’s even managed to fall asleep on his own if I put him down in the bassinet we have set up in the living room, or in our bed at night. Tonight was actually the second night that Reid went to sleep without nursing. Of course, both this time and the time before (a few days ago) he’d already been asleep (by nursing), but had woken up when he realized I wasn’t there anymore. Tonight, he did this twice. After nursing him back to sleep the first time, the second time, I took him to pee (he peed with his eyes half open), put on a clean diaper and layed him down on the bed. I intended on nursing him back to sleep again, but he’d already gotten still and had started to close his eyes. So I just watched and waited, and lo and behold, he fell asleep. If I can get him to fall asleep on his own, I will be one happy mama.

Daniel spent the night with Dan’s parents last night, so Dan and I went out for dinner with Reid. It was really nice to be out and not talking about fire trucks or hot dogs. Reid was very quiet and fascinated by all the hustle and bustle of the restaurant. He fell asleep about 2/3 of the way through our dinner, too, so we were really able to feel like we were on a date (except that I had him wrapped up on my chest). We’re feeling like we’re going to need to establish a more regular date night pretty soon now that we have two munchkins keeping us busy. I think we’ll be able to do it semi-regularly by the time the first of the year rolls around.

Tonight, just before I started typing this blog, I heard Daniel laughing in his bedroom (it was 10:30 pm and he’d been in bed since 9). I went in to see what he was doing (he’d already gotten out of bed twice–once to try to find a specific pair of socks in the laundry pile and once to play with his trains). He was just laying in his bed cracking up at nothing apparent. When I asked him what was so funny, he could barely speak as he giggled something about a fork and a sink (I thought he said snake). Turns out he was recalling a Veggie Tales moment when either Bob the Tomato or Larry the Cucumber (I’m not sure which) gets stuck in the sink and uses a fork as a catapult to get out. When I left his room, he told me he was going to dream about that.

I am going to dream about a nice Sunday tomorrow. And I’m going to do it as soon as I publish this blog. I am tired!


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5 Days Old


Baby Reid poops so much. I can probably count on one hand–okay, maybe two–the number of diapers I’ve changed that didn’t have poop in them. During the day, this is not so bad, but in the middle of the night, when he’s sleeping peacefully and I hear a poop blast, it is so bad. I know changing him will wake him up, but I just can’t justify letting my beautiful little boy sit in his waste. And so, I change his diaper, which wakes him up. I nurse him back to sleep, and, often, he poops again–sometimes while he’s still at the breast. I know this won’t last forever, but I’ve gotten so little sleep the last few nights, it’s starting to get to me.

It seems he wants to nurse every 40 minutes to an hour (sometimes because of the poop/wake cycle, sometimes not) until about 2 am at which point he switches to nursing every 2-3 hours–much more manageable. Last night we went to bed a little after 10, and I we slept for about an hour and half before the nursing/pooping marathon began. Then it lasted until after 3 am.

I’m hoping that EC will remedy the poop business somewhat. When he poops in his diaper, he generally only expels a little bit. But the two times I’ve been able to catch his poops in the sink, he lets out much more–most likely because the classic EC position mimics a squat which is helpful for facilitating the passage of waste.

Reid had his first check-up today. He’s gained 8 ounces since he was born just five days ago! The doctor exclaimed, “That’s unheard of!” Often babies have dropped a few ounces at this point. Not our little Reid. It is possible–even likely–that the little portable scale used to determine his weight at birth was not entirely accurate, but even so, Reid’s rapid weight gain is surprising. Daniel also gained weight quickly. I remember his doctor exclaiming something similar when he was first weighed by them. I think I just have power milk.

Besides our night battles, Reid has been a most lovely addition to our family. He is so easily soothed, and doesn’t mind being put down too much. We are still attachment parenting, but just due to the elder boy in our family, we can’t hold Reid as much without compromising Daniel’s needs. So far, we’ve done a good job managing the two, but when Dan goes back to work, and we can’t tag-team during the day, I think some jealousy issues might emerge. Once I’ve fully recovered from the birth and can be on my feet more, I’ll be able to hold Reid in the Moby Wrap and be hands-free to play with Daniel.

We’re going to try to make it to the park for our EC meeting/play group tomorrow to let Daniel get some running around time. I’ll be able to introduce Reid to some of our friends and sit in the shade outside. I’m really looking forward to it.

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Almost 6 Months Old

Six months have gone by so quickly. I’m ready for the next one… kinda. I’ve been polling parents about how they feel about the age differences of their children. It seems to be the consensus that having them close together is very hard at the beginning, but potentially wonderful as they get older; and having them about 3 years apart is generally the best all around in that there’s no period where the gap is extremely difficult–notice I said “extremely”? I’m sure it’s difficult at some point having more than one child… but it’s difficult having one, so the general difficulty of it all doesn’t really get to count in this equation. I figure I’d rather have the difficulty all smooshed together in one big lump so that when it’s over, it’s over and we can get on with it. But Dan would rather take it a little more slowly–take some time to rest between children. He’s probably right.

I’m just impatient. I was impatient to get married, impatient to buy a house, impatient to have our first child. I think I need to just relax and enjoy the moments as they happen. It’s hard to do. And though I know I should be doing that, I don’t really know how.

Daniel came down with his first cold on Sunday. He had a fever and a runny nose and a bit of coughing. It wasn’t too bad. There were a couple of times when he seemed to be pretty miserable, but a bit of Tylenol helped. He’s been taking a homeopathic remedy for his runny nose which helps a bit. Now we’re just waiting for it to stop running completely before we go where other children will be to keep him from infecting them and/or to keep their parents from worrying he will.

The exciting developments are slowing down now. Daniel is still working on sitting unassisted. He’s pretty good at it now as long as his diaper is on. Without it, he’s a little more floppy–less support, I guess. He can kind of roll from his back to his front, but his arm still gets stuck underneath him and he usually just ends up rolling back over to his back again. His “words” are fun to listen to. He’s been throwing a few new sounds into the mix lately, but his favorites are still “dah dah dah” or “lah lah lah” or some mix of the two–“ldah dlah” or something like that. He kicks like crazy now. It used to be mostly in the bathtub, but now he kicks anywhere. It’s funny watching him try to kick his legs while sitting on the potty.

I bought an Ergo Carrier recently after hearing some of the other moms rave about it. I’d been using my slings a ton until I got it. I still prefer the slings for going to the store or for short outings because Daniel can see so much better in them and they’re much more portable and adjustable. But the Ergo Carrier is a dream in so many ways. It’s a little bulky on my tiny body–but for a normal sized person (or a large person, for that matter) I can imagine it’d be perfect. I can wear Daniel on my back or my front and he feels completely secure and comfortable. His weight is evenly distributed on my shoulders and hips. And he seems to love being in it–he falls asleep half the time. It’s like a Baby Bjorn, but a zillion times better. For one, they don’t hang by their crotch with the Ergo (the Bjorns are bad for their hips). Two, the Ergo has a waist belt that helps to distribute the weight better (and because Daniel is so heavy and I’m so small, that’s a huge bonus). Three, the Ergo can be used with newborns all the way up to toddlers. It’s well worth the investment–it’s kinda costly.

Daniel is almost too big for his carseat already, so instead of going from the infant seat to the toddler seat, we have to get a convertable seat. The biggest bummer about that is that convertable seats are so much bigger than infant seats (so they can support a child up to 40 lbs) and my car is small. The infant seat that Daniel is in now barely fits in my car–rear-facing, that is. Once he can face forward (at one year), it’ll be no problem. I’m just praying that the seat we get (the Britax Roundabout seems to be the smallest one I can find) will fit somehow. Any suggestions?

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5 Weeks Old

He smiled! On his 5-week birthday, Daniel gave us his first genuine smile. Before that all we had were the adorable, but involuntary sleep grins. Every day so far, Daniel has given us at least one round of real smiles. The next step will be giggles. We’ve already gotten a little taste of those, too–in his sleep, Daniel often chuckles. I didn’t know babies chuckled in their sleep, but apparently this one does.

After several hard nights with Daniel trying to pass gas or poop with great difficulty, our midwives advised me to cut dairy out of my diet to see if it helped the baby’s digestion. Like a miracle, the very day I stopped eating dairy, he was much calmer and pooped with little effort. It’s been a little over a week, now, since I cut it out, and it’s been great. Our nights have gotten much more calm and regular. Last night was the best of all so far. Because Daniel spits up a lot, we elevated the head of the cosleeper mattress to try to help keep the milk down. It appears to have worked–Daniel slept for 4 hours straight!!! It was wonderful to get such a long stretch of uninterrupted sleep–it’s pretty funny that 4 hours is a long stretch to me now. And when he did “wake up” to eat, he was only in that halfway awake state. As soon as he nuzzled into the breast, he was out like a light again. His second stretch of sleep was just over 3 hours–though for some horrible reason, I woke up after 2 hours and had to go pee. I was pretty mad that I had the opportunity to have slept for another hour and a half, but blew it by having drank too much water. We’re hoping that the elevated mattress was the cause of the long sleep stretches and not just a coincidence. We’ll see how it goes tonight.

I love getting out of the house with Daniel–it helps make the days go by so much quicker. Just sitting around the house trying to entertain a baby who can’t do much gets to be a bit boring–even when the baby is your own super cute cuddly sweetheart. Trying to do laundry, clean the bedroom, or make food can be pretty difficult. I’ve been lucky to have a housemate during this time who loves to hold Daniel while I get things done. Today I was able to make some yummy pancakes while she held him. Right now he’s sleeping cuddled in the MayaWrap (a long stretchy piece of fabric wrapped around my body in such a way that the baby is strapped snugly to my chest). It allows me to be hands-free while still “holding” the baby.

When I go out, I like to carry him either in the MayaWrap or the sling. He loves being in these carriers and usually falls asleep in them. A couple days ago, I walked to the post office, the Paseo and the grocery store with him cuddled  in the sling. He didn’t wake up until I got back home. Unfortunately, the weather was incredibly hot, so both of us were wet with sweat when I finally pulled him out of the sling. I want to get out of the house more often, but I dread the weather. Last night, it was nice and cool outside, but today, it was super hot again.

I’ve managed, without any effort on my part, to lose almost all of my baby weight already. I’m only a few pounds heavier than I was when I started. The weight is distributed mostly in my hips and breasts, so my old clothes still don’t quite fit, but I feel great.

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