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30 Weeks Pregnant

Wow! Only 10 weeks to my due date–only 7 weeks until I’m considered “full term”. This pregnancy has gone by so much more quickly than my first. I am less anxious about things and have been able to relax a lot more this time around. Also, having a toddler to care for certainly keeps me distracted.

My low-sugar diet has been going well. This time around I’m not stressing over every bite I put into my mouth like I did with Daniel. My meals tend to be similar to what I was eating before–I just make sure not to indulge in the carbohydrates. I don’t really eat sweets, though. Before the high glucose reading, I was eating oreos, peanut butter sandwich cookies, chocolate, ice cream, brownies, whatever–and whenever, too. Now I only let myself eat desserts on occasion, and I make sure they include protein and are reasonably sized. I’ve been enjoying homemade peanut butter milk shakes every now and then. Mmmmm. We’ll see how my diet has affected my sugars this weekend when Margo gives me another glucose test.

Baby Reid has settled into the same position as Daniel was in at this time in the pregnancy. He’s head-down, facing my left side. Back when I was seeing a chiropractor, he told me my pelvis is tilted, or off center, or something like that which was probably the reason Daniel was positioned the way he was. I wondered if future babies would settle into the same pocket. And I guess the answer is yes. I just hope baby Reid figures out how to get himself turned around before labor starts so I don’t have so much back labor this time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how our sleeping arrangements are going to work when baby comes. Currently, Daniel goes to bed in his own bed, but usually climbs into our bed sometime between 1-3 AM. He comes to my side of the bed to get in, and usually just rolls over and goes back to sleep. It is lovely to wake up with him next to me. We start our day with hugs and cuddles. But when baby comes, I’m worried that middle-of-the-night diaper changes and crying episodes will wake Daniel up… and then we’ll have two little boys not sleeping. Also, I’m afraid there will be times when I’ll have just fallen back to sleep after nursing or changing a diaper, and Daniel will choose that moment to climb into our bed–waking me up again. I’m thinking about making him climb in on Dan’s side starting now so he gets used to doing it that way before baby comes. I was hoping by now he’d be staying in his own bed all night. He used to do that occasionally, but he hasn’t for quite a while.

Today Daniel had his first melt-down in a couple weeks. I could tell he was exhausted while we were eating lunch, and could have predicted that nap time was going to be difficult. He complained a bit about having to take a nap, but the real drama came when it was time to take his shoes off. He insisted he was going to take them off himself, but he just put his hands on his shoes and looked at me with that “I’m testing you” look. I told him either he needed to take his shoes off by himself, or I was going to help him. I gave him several opportunities to take the shoes off–all with the same touching/testing pattern. So I ended up taking off his shoes. That set him off like none other. I miraculously stayed calm, hugged him, told him I knew he wanted to do it, but that I’d given him lots of chances to take off his shoes and he didn’t do it. I told him that next time he could take off his shoes by himself. I told him he needed to get into bed and stay there–which he resisted quite violently for a while. Finally I got him to get into bed. I told him he either needed to stop yelling at me, or I would leave the room until he could calm down a bit. I had to leave the room. Every time I went back, I stood in the doorway and asked him to stop yelling at me and to lay down and I would come back into his room. Finally, he just put his arms out to me through his sobs and said, “I just need to hug you!” So I went in, hugged him, layed him down and told him I was so sorry he felt so sad and that I loved him. I stayed with him for a couple minutes until he could relax, then I left the room again so he could nap. When he woke up, the first thing he said to me was, “I’m sorry I yelled at you.” How’s that for a sweet boy?!?!

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Still 7 Months Old

Chiropractors are awesome! Everyone should have one. I’ve already had two adjustments and the difference in my body is amazing. It turns out that most of the tension is in my lower back. The pain in my neck is from my poor posture because of the intense tension in my back. The chiropractor thinks the tension has been there for a long time and the pain just showed up with the added strain of carrying by darling–huge–baby around.

That darling baby is still not sleeping very well at night. Every couple of nights I attempt to try to get him back to sleep without nursing him, but even if I can get him to relax and get to sleep, he wakes back up within 5 minutes looking for his milk. Maybe he’s going through yet another growth spurt and is actually waking up for hunger more than for comfort. He’s eating solid food three times per day and still nursing every 2-3 hours all day long. He’s always hungry.

I realized I never “ranted” about our pediatrician. And today I have yet another thing to add to my list. It’s not that she’s bad. She’s actually a good pediatrician for those who do things “by the book”. But when we see her, I always leave with the feeling that she’d rather not be our doctor. She’s open to our views and never pushes anything–even the vaccinations, which she strongly believes we should do–but she does give me that look that says, “I disapprove”. The thing that made me the most frustrated that was the source of the comment about her in my last blog was that she asked me why I would make my own baby cereal for Daniel rather than use the freeze-dried kind that you reconstitute with water from the store. Fresh is always better than processed! I told her if the iron supplementation was a concern (the box kind is fortified with iron), I would consider giving Daniel iron drops. She said that was a bad idea because too much iron could be poisonous for a baby. To me that sounds like, “I don’t trust you to measure the supplements correctly for your child, you might poison him.”

And lastly, when we went to get Daniel’s birth certificate yesterday they couldn’t process it because the pediatrician didn’t sign the form! To be fair, that’s not entirely her fault. The form didn’t expressly say, “Sign this form”. It did say, “Examined By” but I suppose that could have been interpreted as, “What is your name?” Nevermind that it’s an offical form needed for obtaining a birth certificate and anyone could just write anyone’s name in the blank and she’s a doctor who has to fill out official forms all the time. I’d give her some slack if we liked her more… but we don’t, so she gets to take most of the blame on this one.

We have another appointment tomorrow to try to get Daniel’s birth certificate. Hopefully this time we’ll come home successful.

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7 Months Old

The blogs are getting further and further apart. This is partly due to the holidays taking up much of my time, but also because the milestones are spaced a little further apart the older he gets.

The exciting news this month is that he has started to use sign language to communicate! We’ve only been using three signs–one of which is not the actual ASL sign, but our own adaptation. Daniel can sign “potty”, “milk”, and “all done”. He’s not totally consistent with using them, and therefore I don’t see all the signs he’s actually using. Sometimes he’ll sign “potty” and then refuse to let me take him to the toilet by arching his back, kicking and fussing. Today he signed “all done” while on the potty, then when I started to remove him from the toilet, he started peeing. I think he’s still practicing with them and experimenting with what happens when he uses them. Next we’ll be working on “bye bye” and “eat”.

Daniel is still in his own bed, but his night waking has gotten unacceptably frequent. He’s waking every 2-3 hours to nurse on a regular basis. It’s wearing me out. I think it’s time to start weaning him from night-time nursing–at least from frequent night-time nursing. If I can just get him to only need to nurse once at night, I’ll feel successful.

We are finally going to apply for Daniel’s birth certificate tomorrow. I’ve been putting it off for no good reason. But Dan’s grandmother gave Daniel some money for Christmas and I can’t open him a bank account until he has a birth certificate and a social security card. All I needed was a little kick in the butt.

My neck has been hurting me for several months now. I went to the chiropractor today to see if he could help at all. He took X-rays and thermal scans and did a series of tests on me. Tomorrow I’ll go back so he can tell me what’s he’s found and what he might be able to do about it. He did show me that my spine curves slightly to the left and that my thermal scan showed extreme asymmetry. I’m really looking forward to getting on with my adjustments. Hopefully I’ll be better able to carry Daniel for longer periods of time.

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