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We Jumped the Gun

After only a week of knowing I was pregnant, I miscarried–am miscarrying. I’ve been handling it pretty well–probably due to the fact that we knew about the pregnancy for such a short time. And because I was spotting from day 1, I suspected things weren’t quite right. Of course, had things turned out differently, I would have associated those feelings with paranoia. But because of the outcome, I can safely say “I had a feeling…”.

We are sad, but not distraught. And to those who are reading this and wondering what the appropriate response is, I would greatly prefer well wishes for a quick recovery (I’m still feeling “not right” and a little crampy and uncomfortable) over sympathy and apologies.

For an interesting bit of information, one study showed that 22% of women who conceived lost the “pregnancy” before their period was even supposed to begin. 10% of the pregnancies were lost after the woman recognized that she was pregnant. So in that study 32% of the pregnancies achieved were lost… an astounding number, really. In fact, had I not taken a pregnancy test, I might have just assumed this was an extra long cycle (would have been 40 days). In December I had a 44-day cycle… so the long cycle isn’t entirely out of character for me… and makes me wonder….

We’re looking forward to trying again in a couple months and are trying to keep things normal for Daniel’s sake–though it’s obvious he can sense that something is not right. My goal is to focus on his birthday party which is a week from tomorrow!

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Nearly 2 Years Old and Another One on the Way!!!

That’s right folks. I’m growing another little Hanson. This was another little surprise. We were trying to wait until this month to start trying for another, but got a little ahead of ourselves. But a one-month head-start is really nothing in the grand scheme of things. Really the only reason we were trying to wait was to keep the child’s birthday as far away from Christmas as possible. But now our due date is sometime in mid-January–a little too close for my comfort, but what can I do at this point?

The midwife who assisted at Daniel’s birth is no longer practicing midwifery, but the woman who was her partner still is and she’ll be attending this child’s birth. Dan and I really liked her last time (we did many of our prenatal visits with her)  and we’ve kept in touch with her over the last couple years.

Daniel doesn’t really understand what it means that I’m pregnant, or that a new baby will come to live in our house. We haven’t really tried explaining it beyond that yet. Right now we’re still trying to focus on his needs and his upcoming birthday party which he is very excited about.

Daniel will be 2 years old in about 2 weeks. It’s pretty amazing how quickly the time goes. I’ll have to remember to tell myself that when I’m calming a fussy baby at 2AM knowing that my toddler will need me to be ready to play by 8. Hopefully this time–now that I’m accustomed to very little sleep–it won’t be quite *as* bad.

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23 Months Old

Oh man, Daniel will be 2 in ONE MONTH! The time has flown by so quickly. I know that’s what every mother says, but it’s so true. In my case, though, it’s been a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved motherhood since day one, but it has been challenging. The older Daniel gets, the more fun I have and the more I love being a mom.

I really want to have another baby soon. We’re hoping that I might get pregnant in the next few months. I am also pretty nervous about it. I know there will be aspects that will be much easier (the know-how, the expectations, the “stuff”), but there will be many new challenges that I am sure I am not prepared for. I am trying not to think about them right now. Once I get pregnant, then I can worry about them. By that time, I won’t have a choice, and I’ll be better equipped to meet them head-on.

A couple days ago, when I was nursing Daniel, he let go to tell me, spontaneously, and of his own accord, “I love you.” I nearly melted into a big, huge (well, relatively small) puddle. I wished that the whole world could have seen/heard that moment.

Our sleep issues are slowly, but surely dissolving. We had a huge breakthrough a couple days ago–a remarkably quick transition given the month-or-longer transitions we’re accustomed to. I’ve been trying to cut out the just-before-bed nursing session, so Daniel might go to bed for someone other than me. I started by getting in the bath with him and letting him nurse there. It had a double-effect. One, his bath time was much more calming and relaxing, better preparing him for bed. Two–the intended effect–he wouldn’t need to nurse (as much) just before crawling into bed.

After bath time, he get’s dressed, reads a couple stories with daddy, then nurses a bit before laying down in bed, saying prayers and going to sleep. I started telling him he could have one more story when he was finished with his milk, and he was very responsive to that offer. Often he let go immediately and told me which story he wanted to read. Well, a couple days ago, I tried not nursing him at all–telling him he already had his milk in the bath and it was time to lay down in bed to say prayers. He didn’t complain at all, just laid down happily with his Wally (the Green Monster) to say prayers. He’s done that for 3 nights in a row now! And one of those times, I nursed him BEFORE the bath, instead (because I didn’t feel like getting in the tub that day), with the same results.

And for the same duration, he hasn’t been calling me to make sure I am still there. I just tell him good night, that I’ll be right outside his door if he needs me, then I leave. The *only* downside to the shortened bedtime routine, is that I’m missing my reading time. I used to get 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted reading done while Daniel nursed himself drowsy.

I’m currently looking for/thinking about ways I can bring in a little extra income. We’re doing well enough financially, but it’s not comfortable anymore. While it hasn’t gotten scary or worrisome, I don’t like when we have to dip into our savings just to pay our bills. Thank goodness we have a savings to dip into, though!

The project I’ve been working on has paid fairly well and we’re in good shape right now, but I only have one more check coming on that project, and one more coming for a different part of that project. I’m considering taking on a babysitting job for another toddler boy (am I nuts!?!) for 15-20 hours/week. Also, there may be some work for me at Hanson Distributing doing fliers and mailings and such, though I can’t imagine that to be very many hours. I’m not really willing to do anything that would require me to leave Daniel for any long stretch of time, so I’m pretty limited in what I can do, but I’ve been trying to be creative with my talents so I can turn them into a paycheck of some kind. I had a great idea this morning, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it was… I probably should have written it down…

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21 Months Old

Call me obsessed, but I’ve already got Daniel’s 2nd birthday party all planned out. I’ve had so many ideas, but most of them are not quite age-appropriate yet. I want to do crafts and activities and games… but there are really only so many things you can do to keep a bunch of toddlers interested. So I’m trying to keep it simple. But it’s going to be tough.

We attended his friend Annabel’s 2nd birthday party, so he’s been able to grasp what it means to have a birthday–fun, friends, and presents! Grandma told him, when he asked about a basket-ball game, that he could have one for his birthday. Now Daniel tells us, “Daniel’s birthday! Happy birthday, Daniel!” when we talk about basketball. He also likes to remind us, “Daniel’s birthday coming in June!” I’m trying to figure out a way not to restrict gifts on his birthday, while still keeping it from becoming a “give me stuff” event. I want him to appreciate the fun time with friends and family celebrating his life without the gifts being the highlight of the event (especially since we’ll be inviting half the world to his party–which could spell disaster for those plans if I’m not careful). I’m thinking of asking people to donate money or gift certificates towards swim classes, MyGym classes, or KidSpace membership instead–or to give books or clothes–if they even give a gift at all. I feel like I need to establish this pattern early so that not only will Daniel view our tradition as normal, but so will our friends and family.

During bed-time prayers, for the last several weeks, Daniel has been asking God to make “Uncle Dave’s elbow feel better” (my brother-in-law broke his elbow about a month ago). This morning, Daniel inquired about “Uncle Dave’s broken elbow.” I told him that Uncle Dave’s elbow was all fixed. To which Daniel responded (brace yourself–this is too cute), “Thank you God! You did it God!” It was the cutest response he could have given.

He’s been volunteering “please” and “thank you” more often lately–but with “please” he hasn’t quite gotten the sentence structure down, so he says something like, “Please Mama drink Mama please Mama” or some similar string of pleases and mamas and whatever it is that he wants. With “thank you”, he knows that the word is associated with giving and receiving, but he hasn’t quite grasped that only the recipient is supposed to say, “Thank you.” He uses the phrase when giving and receiving.

As in the examples above, Daniel is expressing himself more and more–independently making connections and shifting his verbal communication from simply narrating our day to interacting with and responding to our activities. It is so much fun watching his personality develop before my eyes.

Yesterday, there was a training drill in our complex for the Pasadena Fire Department that lasted all day. The complex was swarming with fire fighters, which Daniel thought was exquisite. Parked outside were about 8 emergency vehicles that he found fascinating, as well. Unfortunately, we missed the window where the fire fighters were showing people around the trucks and equipment (Daniel was disappointed that he didn’t get to use the steering wheel), but we took some pictures of him admiring the trucks.

Next weekend we’re going on a cruise to Ensenada. Daniel is excited, or in his words, “exciting!” to get on the “big boat!” Especially because both sets of grandparents are going with us (and a whole bunch of Dan’s customers–since the point of the cruise is to reward and thank his business customers for loyalty). We did this cruise when I was pregnant with Daniel and he jumped and kicked inside me with the extremely loud music and microphones. I’m a little nervous about how it will be to have a toddler on the boat (I’m especially curious about the sleeping arrangements). I’m sure I’ll have plenty to update on that.

Bon voyage!

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